Investing. With A Plan.



We are open by appointment only. Please give us a call if you are interested in our services.

What type of investments do we offer?

We offer various types of investments, insurance products, retirement planning, long term care, estate planning. We have the opportunity and freedom to work with many companies to provide numerous options for our clients. Ultimately, our passion is retirement planning. We help our clients get to retirement, and then help our clients navigate the ever changing winds of retirement.



What type of client do we work with?

We work with young people just starting out, families during the middle years, and clients both preparing for and enjoying retirement. We have had the opportunity to work with three and four generations within the same family and that kind of continuation may allow us to assist families with using their assets to benefit several generations with estate planning. 



What is our number one priority when we meet with clients?

We believe that an advisor needs to be a good listener and must be willing to spend time with their clients, allowing them to adequately communicate. We want to learn their goals, their dreams, fears, family dynamics and their unique situation. This takes time. When we truly know and understand our client, then we are in the position to help them address their needs and goals.